Staying Real: The Scott Binsack Story from CEO of The Rain Maker and Mansions & Estates International

Staying Real: The Scott Binsack Story will soon be released in traditional paperback format, e-book format and in a one-of-a-kind videography — video chapters that will enable you to hear the shocking story right from the man who lived it!

About Staying Real: The Scott Binsack Story?

Staying Real chronicles Scott’s life from his abusive childhood, which were a time of abuse and instability. In fact, Scott attended over half a dozen schools before he finally dropped out of school in the eighth grade. From there, Scott became homeless for a period of time, but ultimately found himself associated with the New York mob – the Bonnano crime family.

Despite the odds, Scott rose up from the ashes of his childhood and teen years to establish four multi-million dollar companies, but his life would take some very tumultuous twists and turns as the result of corruption and revenge. It’s a journey that would have him on the lam from U.S. Marshals,  traveling the globe before he finally returned home to the U.S. to deal with the unavoidable.

From the mob, to success, to prison and back again, Scott rose above it all and became a wiser, better person as a result of the challenges — all the while, maintaining his integrity and always staying real.

Learn more about the Scott Binsack story and Staying Real on the book’s official website, (In fact, it’s the latest website created by Scott’s company, The Rain Maker!)

  1. September 3, 2015

    Scott I think staying real is one of the most important things in life, do what you say, don’t change your story, people lose faith in you….

    • September 7, 2015


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