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Today marks my birthday and it has, without a doubt, been one very incredible year, filled with new experiences, life lessons, health challenges and new accomplishments (among many other things!)

It’s been one helluva ride and it’s inspired me to offer up some fun, creative and unique birthday party ideas for your own next celebration!

Scott Binsack’s Birthday Celebration Ideas: Go Skydiving or Bungee Jumping

Sure, it’s a bit cliche but super exciting, with fabulous photo potential! (And what better day to die than on your birthday, right?)

Hate the sensation of falling?  Or prefer something a bit less death defying? Consider chartering a private jet ride for you and your friends. Make it a fun flight to nowhere or spend the day (or weekend) in a fun, faraway location!

Scott Binsack’s Birthday Celebration Ideas: Charter a Yacht

Set sail for an incredible day and/or night and celebrate in style on the water.

Let’s face it: Everything is always more fun on a boat, especially parties!

Scott Binsack’s Birthday Celebration Ideas: Throw a Crazy Theme Party

Pirates. Animals. Sexy costumes. Theme parties can be simply hilarious…providing everyone participates! (So be sure to get a doorman to bounce anyone who’s too cool for a costume or themed outfit!!) Oh, and don’t forget the camera. Huge scrapbooking (and blackmail) potential there!

Scott Binsack’s Birthday Celebration Ideas: Host a Tournament Party

Ready to let your competitive side take over? Great! That means it’s time for a gaming tournament party!

This party idea can be tailored to your unique tastes, whether you prefer poker, bowling, sports betting, pool, golf or anything else that comes to mind. Make your birthday celebration one big competition and let the games begin!

Scott Binsack’s Birthday Celebration Ideas: Rent Out the Bar

A night out on the town is always fun, but it’s even better when you pack the place with all your friends!

So rent out your favorite bar or restaurant for the night and have a blast!

Whatever you choose, one thing in certain: any one of these unique birthday celebration ideas for adults is sure to make it a super memorable birthday!

You can learn more about the official “Scott Binsack” story in my upcoming book, Staying Real. It’s soon going to be released in ebook form, paperback and in video chapters, so stay tuned to learn more! Check out the official Staying Real website at

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