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In today’s internet-based world, it’s hard to believe that many people still don’t have a personal website. But it’s true. So if you’re amongst the millions of folks who doesn’t have a personal website, what are you missing out on?

CEO Scott Binsack explores the benefits of having a personal website and what you’re missing.

Why Do You Need a Personal Website?

There are lots of benefits to having a personal website, the first and most significant being that your site affords you an element of control over how the world perceives you. Your personal website allows you to convey your personality, your likes, your dislikes and who you are as an individual in one neat, concise digital package.

Without a personal website, your personal image is at the mercy of the interwebs. You have no control over how others perceive you.

If properly optimized, your personal website is apt to rank high in the search engines for people who query your name. In addition, it will serve as a “home base” for your presence on the web, enabling you to interconnect your social media profiles, your company website and any other presences or profiles that you have on the net.

A personal website can also provide you with a great self-promotional platform, even on a professional level. Your personal website can easily be adapted to include resume materials, serving as a great brag site that can showcase your professional experience.

As with everything in life, not just any website will do! A campy, homemade website tells the world that you really don’t care about your appearance and your image. It’s a bit like leaving the house in your dirty pajama bottoms, a torn tee, with bed head — all while you’re desperately in need of a shower. It says “I don’t care” and that’s definitely not the impression you want to make on the world!

If you’re ready to build a new website that captures your personality, while impressing them with a stunning, memorable design, turn to “Scott Binsack” and his company, The Rain Maker, which specializes in website design and logo design, both for personal websites (including Personal Icon sites like this one!), company websites and beyond.

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