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Each year, the holiday season brings a significant drop off in business for some industries and professions. This is due to the fact that many are taking time off of work to travel, visit family and celebrate the holidays. The week between Christmas and New Year’s day can be especially quiet in many professions, but you can use this lull to your advantage!

Business Tips from Scott Binsack: Leveraging the Holiday Lull

Here are a few business tips from Scott Binsack, to help you to leverage that holiday lull, turning it from unproductive downtime into something beneficial that will enable you to start off the new year on a positive note!

• Get organized by cleaning your office, developing a new organization system and tending to anything else you need to get everything in order.
• Streamline workflow and implement a new system for monitoring and tracking projects using software like Basecamp or 17 Hats.
• Upgrade your existing software or hardware so you can start the new year with the best possible technology.
• Focus on professional development tasks, like learning a new skill, perfecting an existing skill or completing an independent learning course.
• Tackle projects that you’ve been perpetually putting off due to lack of time.
• Do your homework, whether it’s researching the viability of a new business niche or working through that pile of resumes for the new staffer you’ve been meaning to hire.
• Prepare a new budget for the new year.
• Track your time, analyze your time tracking data and implement a new plan or strategy for boosting productivity and making the most of your limited time.
• Tend to a new project or betterment that you’ve been postponing because you didn’t have the time.

And if all else fails, take that downtime as an opportunity to get some rest and relaxation yourself! Working non-stop can lead to burnout, so taking a bit of time to decompress and de-stress can go a long way toward helping boost your productivity in the new year.

With these tips from CEO and entrepreneur “Scott Binsack,” you’ll be well on your way to leveraging these business tips and making the most of any downtime this winter!

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