Scott Binsack on How to deal with an asshole

Assholes. They’re everywhere. You’ll encounter them in your personal life, in your professional life and everywhere in between. When it comes to how to deal with an asshole, it’s an art.

If you’re not careful, those assholes can really bring you down, causing anger, frustration and outright chaos in some situations. So how do you handle the assholes in your life? Consider these tips from entrepreneur “Scott J. Binsack,” as he explores how to take on those twits and come out on top!

How to Identify an Asshole

Before you can even begin to deal with an asshole, you must identify them as such. Assholes have an uncanny knack for revealing their inner asshole-ishness in their everyday interactions. They treat others like dirt. They lie. They cheat. They steal. They deceive. They manipulate. They love revenge and they rarely back down from a fight.

While that asshole may currently be your friend and ally, it’s essential that you remember that you never know when their assholeish tendencies may be directed at you. You can learn a lot about a person by how they treat and interact with others. Think of an asshole like a loaded gun. Jostle it around enough and it’ll go off and if you happen to be in the line of fire, you’re going to get hurt. So learn to recognize the assholes in your life and keep your distance; it’s just a matter of time before their wrath will be directed at you. Guaranteed.

How to Deal With an Asshole: Don’t Try to Reason With Them

Assholes lack reason; it’s one of their defining characteristics. So don’t be surprised when an asshole refuses to acknowledge all that is logical and reasonable.

You’ll only get frustrated when you try to reason with an asshole. So if the person you’re dealing with simply refuses to see reason, despite supporting evidence, simply walk away and move on. Assholes enjoy conflict and attempting to convince them of what’s reasonable or true only encourages their asshole-ish tendencies.

How to Deal With an Asshole: Collect Potential Evidence

When you’re dealing with a known asshole, always be careful to ensure you keep any tangible evidence. This evidence may prove useful in the future, especially since assholes have a tendency of lying to and manipulating others.

Messages and emails are especially important evidence, so never delete a message from an asshole! Also be sure to keep your own messages so you can prove what you said or wrote. This is also important evidence in the event that the asshole decides to twist your words or misconstrue your intentions.

How to Deal With an Asshole: Stick to the Truth and Don’t Be an Aggressor

Assholes lie. Often. So when dealing with an asshole, be sure you’re always truthful and avoid bringing yourself down to their level when you’re engaged in a spat with an asshole. You’re better off maintaining your position as the victim rather than the aggressor (lest you look like an asshole yourself!) Do not construe this to mean that you shouldn’t stand your ground – you should always stand your ground and defend yourself when necessary. But don’t lash out and become an aggressor.

In fact, if you become the aggressor or seek retribution, you can guarantee that the asshole will use this to their advantage by contacting the authorities or taking other action that could harm you and your reputation. One of the best ways to deal with an asshole is to publicly reveal the truth, thereby making the asshole’s true nature evident to others. You can’t go wrong by revealing the truth and it’s one of the best ways to combat an asshole because once everyone realizes how much they suck, it’s virtually impossible for them to get away with those nasty, deceptive and dishonest tactics any longer.

Also, if you choose to discuss the asshole and their asshole-ish ways with others, be sure to stick to the truth. You may be compelled to exaggerate or even lie, but this will only bring your credibility into question. (And if you’re caught in one lie or exaggeration, others may assume that everything you say is a lie, thereby believing what the asshole says is true!)

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