Email marketing strategies by ceo Scott Binsack

When it comes to elevating your business venture to the next level, an email marketing campaign can go a long way toward pulling in new clients and customers, while enhancing brand recognition, reputability and memorability. So in today’s article from businessman, CEO and entrepreneur Scott Binsack, we’ll explore the different types of email marketing campaign and how they can be beneficial to your business.

Email Marketing with an eNewsletter

An email newsletter is a very effective marketing method, which enables you to stay in touch with past, current and future clients or customers.  An eNewsletter can be used in a number of different ways, including:

  • to provide advice and insight;
  • to provide news and updates;
  • to highlight achievements, awards and accomplishments;
  • to announce new offerings or services;
  • to showcase a product, service offering or real estate;
  • to share answers to frequently asked questions; and
  • to share discounts, special offers and promotions. 

These are just a few email marketing strategies that can work well with an eNewsletter. Your eNewsletter can be sent out on a weekly basis, every other week or even on a monthly basis, depending upon how much news and updates you actually have to share.

An eNewsletter is an effective marketing tool because it enable you to remain on your clients’ radar, which results in more referrals and a higher chance of seeing a new client/customer or a returning client or customer.

Email Marketing with a Drip Campaign

In addition to eNewsletters, you can also utilize an email marketing strategy called an email drip campaign. An email drip campaign is comprised of a series of emails which are sent to new clients or customers on a pre-determined schedule, providing them with tips and insight on the product or service that you deal in.

This form of email marketing is very effective for presenting information in a logical or chronological order. One very effective approach is to time the drip campaign emails so they are sent out when the client or customer has progressed to a particular stage or phase in a process. For instance, a Realtor may send out their first drip email on a topic such as preparing to list a home on the market. Subsequent emails would assume that they’re moving through the process of selling their home, so those later emails would explore topics that are relevant as the individual goes through that process, such as tips to prepare for an open house event and what to expect when you get an offer on the property.

Drip campaigns are an effective way for keeping the client or customer engaged, while also offering valuable insight, tips or advice. This serves to enhance client satisfaction and drive sales, especially for businesses that are seeking to push recurring or repeated sales.

These are two of the most effective email marketing campaign strategies.

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