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Everybody has strengths and weaknesses and in the business world (and in your everyday life, for that matter), there will be times when you’re faced with the choice to work on eliminating your weaknesses or outsourcing to someone who’s more adept in that area. So which option is best? Entrepreneur and CEO Scott Binsack explores this topic in today’s article.

Identifying Your Professional Weaknesses

Identifying your professional weaknesses is the first step to overcoming them or outsourcing those areas to others who are more talented in that particular area.

To identify your weaknesses, it’s critical that you’re honest with yourself. It can also help to chat with a business partner, colleague or others who are familiar with your abilities and are willing to provide you with honest feedback on where you’re lacking.

What Would it Take to Overcome Those Professional Weaknesses?

After you’ve identified these problem areas, you’ll need to accurately determine what it would take to overcome those weaknesses.

What would you need to do in order to eliminate that weakness? What time commitment is involved? Can you realistically work on that weak point while still focusing on your strengths? These are all very important points to consider as you decide what course of action is best for you.

Would Your New Weakness-Turned-Strength Provide a Real Benefit?

It’s also important to determine whether you can realistically expect to really utilize your weakness-turned-strength while simultaneously continuing to excel in the areas where you’re most adept.

There are only so many hours in a day and there are many cases where overcoming a weakness provides little if any benefit because you wouldn’t have time to focus in this new area while simultaneously continuing to do everything that you currently do. You are only one person and expanding your strengths may be time wasted if those strengths cannot effectively be leveraged.

So be honest with yourself. Would this new skill bring a real benefit to your professional life? Would it improve your marketability, your efficiency or your productivity? Or would you be investing time in developing a skill or overcoming a flaw that you won’t have time to utilize, leverage or otherwise benefit from?

In short, if overcoming a weakness won’t bring a tangible, viable benefit to you and your career, then perhaps it’s best to simply outsource to someone who’s skilled in that particular area.

About Scott Binsack

Scott Binsack is a CEO, entrepreneur, social media icon, construction consultant and talk show host (amongst many other things!)

CEO Scott Binsack’s company, The Rain Maker, offers assistance with email marketing campaigns, including email newsletters and drip campaigns, along with social media marketing, WordPress website design, company logo design, branding, video production and beyond! “Scott Binsack” also serves as a business consultant and as a building consultant via his company, Mansions & Estates International.

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